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Aletheia is more than just a meeting to attend. It’s a diverse, growing spiritual family to be a part of, centered on the person and mission of Jesus Christ. We would love to see you on a Sunday soon! 


We understand that you might have some big questions and doubts about God. So, if you're interested in exploring answers to some of life's biggest questions, we want you to feel welcome to do that here. Joining a group may help — a small gathering of like-minded people who want to learn what the Bible has to say, together. And if you'd rather take a class, Discover Discipleship is a great place to ask your questions, learn the basics of the Bible, and speak with a pastor.

Where and when?

We're one church with multiple gatherings and locations. Select the location you'd like more information on.

(9am, 11am) 

common questions


When you join us, follow the signs inside and a volunteer will welcome you. There are lots of friendly faces ready to help, great music, and teaching that will make you think. If you’d like to check out a sermon, you can watch online first.


We’re more concerned with you enjoying your experience with us than you meeting some dress code. So, please wear whatever you would wear normally. Most people will be dressed casually… at least, the Pastor will be.


Your children will love Aletheia Kids! With our trained volunteers and exciting kids’ environment, we’re sure your kids will feel the love of God for them, learn important truth, and have a great time. Additionally, we have youth groups, trips, and activities available for your middle and high schoolers, too.

Can i attend if I'm __________________?

Fill in the blank with whatever you fear would make you unwelcome: divorced, single parent, broke, recovering addict, gay, atheist, skeptic, etc. Whether you grew up in church, have never been to church, consider yourself a follower of Jesus, or just have questions, we'd love for you to join us.

We’ll see you this weekend!

is sunday all you do?

Sunday is a great place to start, but it’s not all there is. In fact, the majority of our life, growth, and depth happens all throughout the week. The heart of our spiritual family is beating all week long, all across the city. Here are some ways you can connect:

Check out a Group

Volunteer for a Team

Ask for Prayer and Help

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Just ask.

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