The book of Acts tells us that "it is more blessed to give than to receive" (20:35), and here at Aletheia, God's provision and your giving have enabled us to extend generosity to some amazing organizations and people. Below is a list of partnerships that Aletheia has been or is currently involved with, either through our annual Christmas offering, The Big Give, or in ongoing support.

If you're interested in becoming involved with one of these amazing partner organizations, please reach out to Hannah from our Social Responsibility Department at

Local Justice and Evangelism Initiatives

The Boston Center for Pregnancy Choices, Current

The Boston Center for Pregnancy Choices (BCPC) helps individuals make informed decisions about unplanned or unwanted pregnancies, and provides support after those decisions are made. BCPC is a faith-based organization committed to being non-judgmental and non-denominational. As a church, Aletheia has contributed financially to BCPC by way of The Big Give, in addition to involvement with volunteer opportunities such as baby showers for expectant and at-risk mothers. There are service opportunities always available and ways to care for expecting mothers in our community. To learn more, reach out to our Social Responsibility Department.

Fostering Hope New England, Current 

Fostering Hope empowers churches and individuals to care for children and families impacted by foster care. Fostering Hope is able to liaise with the Department of Children and Families and local churches to lend a helping hand to foster families, children, and intact families at risk of entering the foster system. Aletheia has been involved with Fostering Hope for some time, serving as the regional coordinator for community needs and more. Members of our congregation can learn more about fostering, helping foster families, and supporting DCF by reaching out to our Social Responsibility Department.

Mount Hope Community Center, Current

Mount Hope Community Center provides programs, services, resources, and outreach to the Providence, RI area.

Vision New England, Current

Vision New England wants to see New England transformed with the love of Jesus, and pursues that by helping churches make disciples, do justice, and foster unity to share Jesus. 

Catholic Charities Ukrainian Welcome Circle, 2022

Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Boston has been around for over a century to serve those most in need within our communities. Catholic Charities has been helping communities form “Welcome Circles” that can sponsor Ukrainian families to come to the US and support these families throughout the resettlement process. From resources donated during the 2022 Big Give, God has blessed Aletheia with the capacity to resettle two families from Ukraine in the Spring of 2023.

Black Ministerial Alliance, 2020

In 2020, we partnered with the Black Ministerial Alliance in the work they're doing to support communities of color and at-risk communities within the greater Boston area, particularly in the ways they've been disproportionately affected by covid-19.

RIP medical debt, 2019

RIP Medical Debt is an organization that works on behalf of individuals, foundations, and corporations to abolish medical debt and provide relief for those in need. Through 2019's Big Give we were able to adopt medical debt for both Providence and Middlesex County in order to pay off almost 5 million dollars worth in our local communities.

The Philip Center, 2019

New England’s inner cities suffer from poverty, violence, addiction, and injustice. And with only one gospel church per 8,000 people, there is little access to the good news. So, the driving objective of The Philip Center is to help plant gospel churches among the urban poor of New England. Gospel churches address both eternal, spiritual needs and present, physical needs, and the first very often fuels the second. Aletheia partnered with The Philip Center through The Big Give in 2019.

Bethany Christian Services, 2017

The mission of Bethany Christian Services is to demonstrate the love and compassion of Jesus Christ by protecting vulnerable children, empowering youth, and strengthening families through quality social services. This mission includes pregnancy counseling, foster care, emergency care, adoption, and safety and advocacy for refugees and immigrants, among other areas. Aletheia partnered with Bethany in out Big Give in 2017.

Other Local Partnerships and Opportunities

Through ongoing opportunities to volunteer time and effort, donate clothing and supplies, and contribute financially, Aletheia is engaged in the efforts of a handful of other local service opportunities and organizations. These include Loaves & Fishes (a local outreach to homeless and at-risk communities, providing hot meals and other human services) and The Foster Box (an organization that provides clothes and needed items to foster families, specifically during transition periods).

International Organizations

ORPHANetwork, Nicaragua, Current

ORPHANetwork is a local-church based relief ministry in Nicaragua. Since 2016, Aletheia's ongoing partnership through three local churches has helped to provide food, medical care, and gospel ministry to hundreds of children who—along with their families—have heard about Jesus with full stomachs and full hearts. In total, ORPHANetwork reaches 20,000+ vulnerable and orphaned children across Nicaragua, through the work of local churches and partner orphanages.

Centrepoint Church Bathgate, Current

Centrepoint Church in Bathgate, Scotland is and Every Nation church. Centrepoint Church is a community of disciples following Jesus by loving God, loving people, and making disciples. We're partnering with them this year as they work toward their goal of purchasing a building.

African Havens, 2022

African Havens works to provide Christ-centered, loving environments to care for children without families or safe home environments. In addition to running a children's homes and various children/teen support initiatives, Havens seeks to support vulnerable women, and impoverished, exploited community members. Havens have been involved in various court cases to expand the pathways that institutions can take to support and protect children in need. Aletheia was able to partner with African Havens in recent years and seeks to continue building the partnership.

Transformation Vrededorp, South Africa

Transformation Vrededorp is a strategic project to save the lives and reach the hearts of kids affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic in South Africa. Started by our sister church, Every Nation Johannesburg, this ministry seeks to house, educate, and provide healthcare for the most vulnerable kids in the town of Vrededorp. Aletheia's partnership through The Big Give paid off their building and provided needed funds for ongoing ministry.

Hetauda House, Nepal, 2015

In 2015, Aletheia's Big Give contributed to the construction of the Hetauda House project in Nepal, a permanent safe house that was built to protect women and children rescued from human trafficking.

Thembalitsha, Western & Eastern Cape, 2014

When translated from Xhosa, the name “Thembalitsha” means “new hope”. Thembalitsha's aim is exactly

 that – to restore and bring a new sense of hope to the destitute, forgotten, sick, and 

vulnerable people of the Western and Eastern Cape, developing them to the point of self-reliance through the provision of services in education, healthcare and training. Aletheia partnered financially with Thembalitsha in 2014's Big Give.

Church Plants: US & Abroad

Aletheia Church, Boston
Aletheia Church, North Shore
2023 has been a special year for us as a church. For the 2023 Big Give, we were able to give to two of our very own church plants. Pastor Steve and Kailah Cabral are launching Aletheia Boston and Pastor Donny and Janna Fisher are launching Aletheia North Shore. God has been so good to us as a church and we can't wait to see what God does as we expand to fill New England with churches.

Rise Up Church, Savannah

In 2021, we sent out one of our own, Kevin McKenzie, to pastor a new church plant in Savannah, Georgia. While we have been so blessed to have Kevin and Kelsey McKenzie (along with their family) as a part of Aletheia, we can't wait to see the fruit that God has waiting for them in the new place he's called them to preach the gospel.  If you'd like more information about Rise Up Church, check out their website!

Every Nation Downtown LA

Launching in 2021, Every Nation Downtown LA is a church plant pastored by Kenny Favre and his wife Tawnya. As a spiritual director at USC, Pastor Kenny has been able to see God open many doors that have led to this church plant right in downtown LA, and we're so excited to get to partner with that work.

Every Nation Glasgow, Scotland

Situated in Scotland's largest city, Every Nation Glasgow is one of our newest sister churches, launched by Pastor Euan McCrindle and family with a mission to see young people discover their God-given destinies, the generations bless one another, and the oppressed of society experience dignity, hope, and empowerment. Aletheia's Big Give in 2019 helped them launch  in 2020.

Hope Valley Church, Denver CO

Thanks to 2018's Big Give, Aletheia was able to contribute to an Every Nation church plant in Denver, CO led by Pastor David Hermes and his family. Hope Valley Church launched in 2019 with a mission to make disciples by inspiring people to know, trust, and follow Jesus.

Victory Church, Charlottesville VA

In 2015, Pastor Paul Harris and his family were called to plant Victory Church in Charlottesville with no idea that the city was soon to experience tremendous upheaval in the face of racial violence, and only the conviction that the mission God had given them—to see people reconciled to God and each other—was God's calling for their city. Aletheia partnered with Victory Church to help them launch through The Big Give in 2017.

Story Church, Lubbock TX

Pastor Leighton Locket and his family launched Story Church in 2019 with a mission to be an unexpected voice of hope, connecting God’s story with his people's, by equipping all believers to walk as disciples in Spirit and Truth.  Aletheia was able to partner with Story Church to help them launch through The Big Give in 2017.

Aletheia Church, Providence RI

In 2016, Aletheia's Big Give supported an emerging Every Nation church plant in Rhode Island which became Aletheia Providence, pastored by Pastor Justin Chapman and his family, and in 2020, our Providence congregation purchased its own building.


City of Lights, Indianapolis IN

Planted by Pastor Jon Owens and his family, City of Lights is passionate about being a church community motivated by the love of Jesus to reconcile the city, redeem the city, and represent the city. They're committed to being a church that engages the college campuses, the center of commerce, the steps of the capitol, and the increasingly diverse community in the metro Indy area.

Every Nation Berlin, Germany

Every Nation Berlin, led by Pastor Gareth Lowe and his family, is a church-planting church with a mission to make Jesus famous by helping people encounter God, connect in community, reconcile friends to the Father, be transformed, serve the city, and multiply new churches. Aletheia was able to partner with Every Nation Berlin through The Big Give.

If you're not local to the Cambridge or Providence areas and are looking for a church like the ones listed above, check out Every Nation's global directory of churches!

If you're in need of help yourself, please let us know by contacting us through Aletheia's benevolence fund application.