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Serve Together

We're made to serve God and each other. Whether you play an instrument, love welcoming guests, have a heart for teaching and training up the next generation, or want to make the audio and visuals as amazing as they can be, there's a place for you. We'd love to get you connected to the life of Aletheia and working together, shoulder-to-shoulder. Join us on Sunday and either find a volunteer or fill out a Connection Card, or click the links below. We can't wait to be on mission with you. 


Let's hear from one of our Aletheia Providence volunteers, Natali Gomez, to see how serving has made an impact on her life...

When I first came to Aletheia in 2020, I didn't know a single person, but I knew God was calling me to be a part of this church family. I jumped right into joining a Group and serving on a Team. I've made my very best friends through this. They've loved me and supported me through good times and bad times. I'm now the Tech Team Lead at Providence and love helping others get connected!