We're so excited to welcome you to prayer and worship here at Aletheia Church. We believe that prayer is a crucial part of a personal relationship with Jesus, and we invite you to join our weekly prayer meeting to experience the Holy Spirit with us.

What can I expect?

  • We'll have time for worship, an encouragement from scripture, breakout time to pray with a few others, and group prayer.

How do I join?

  • We'll be meeting in the Cambridge YMCA Theater every Wednesday night, 7-8pm! Come as you are; we'd love to pray with you.

What if I just need Some encouragement right now?

  • We invite you to practice confession of faith! There's power in the Word of God, to tell us who we are in Christ, what we're capable of, and why we can have hope here and now--and there's power in declaring it out loud over ourselves. You can click HERE for a pdf of one of our favorite faith confession resources (compiled by Pastor Gabe Bouch), covering topics from anxiety to identity to healing.

What if I need prayer but can't make it on Wednesday?