Our Story

One Church, Many Locations

Aletheia exists to make disciples who bring the truth, grace, and changing power of the gospel for the glory of God and the good of all people. 

The Heartbeat

Jesus taught that our lives are the overflow of our hearts. Our beliefs about Jesus, Scripture, life … they affect everything. Here you’ll find our heartbeat—our mission, our methods, values, and core truths.

The Reason

We’re here for a reason. Church isn’t a social club. It’s not a gathering of the good people. It’s not a service organization. Our church exists for Jesus and others. This reason informs everything we do, from kids ministry to preaching, mercy ministry to missions.

The goal of our existence is the enjoyment and expansion of the gospel—the good news that our great God looked at fallen humanity with compassion, sent his Son Jesus to live for us, die in our place, and victoriously rise—overcoming the cosmic separation between God and us. Trusting in this good news brings us into abundant life with God now and eternal life with him forever. When we expand and enjoy the gospel, God is glorified and we are satisfied. 

The Vision

We have a vision to see God do amazing things in our midst...

  • Disciples of Jesus being made of every race, class, color, creed, and generation.
  • Men and women established in the Word of God, shaped by a biblical worldview, raising great families, filled with the gifts and fruit of the Holy Spirit.
  • A culture of equipping and empowering others to make disciples—eager to give leadership to the next generation.
  • New churches and campus ministries flourishing in every major city and town in New England.
  • Spirit-saturated diversity that embodies true biblical justice and reconciliation and looks like a preview of Heaven.
  • Disciples of Jesus who love the glory of God more than anything in this world, ready to follow God anywhere, at any time, no matter the cost.
  • A culture shifting around us toward the culture of the Kingdom of God through the work of making disciples who bring the truth, grace, and changing power of the gospel. 

The Method

We make disciples by engaging our community with the gospel, establishing them in faith, the church, and spiritual disciplines, equipping them with ministry skills, and empowering them to go make disciples.

Our strategy is pretty simple. We call it the 4Es: Engage, Establish, Equip, Empower. Jesus told us to go make disciples, and having a clear process is part of how we take his words seriously.

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations...

The People

Aletheia has some strategic connections that impact who we are and allow us to bring the gospel to our city with greater effectiveness, clarity, and vibrance than if we were simply a lone-ranger church. We love and celebrate these ties.

Every Nation is an international network of churches and ministries which exists to plant Christ-centered, Spirit-empowered, socially-responsible churches and ministries in every nation. 

The Gospel Coalition is a fellowship of evangelical churches deeply committed to renewing our faith in the gospel of Christ and to reforming our ministry practices to conform fully to the Scriptures. This network spans denominations, nations, and languages, all uniting around the gospel of Jesus, and is dedicated to seeing that great story fully shape our churches.