Advent Schedule

Celebrate the Advent Season With Us!

Advent is a special time for believers of Jesus. We take time to remember the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. In a time of year that can be hectic, busy, and even full of mixed emotions, we slow down to celebrate the birth of Jesus and look forward to his second coming. 

I’ve Got Kids. Can They Come?

Yes! While our extra advent events won't have childcare, your children are so very welcome!

What If I'm Not a Church-y Person?

Come! We'd love to see you there! 


Advent Worship Night

December 15: 6:30pm

Sunday Gatherings

December 24: 9am | 11am
December 31: 9am | 11am


Christmas Eve's Eve 

December 23 | 6pm

No Sunday Gathering

December 24

Sunday Gathering

December 31 | 10am