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5 Things You MUST Do in Providence, RI

5 Things You MUST Do in Providence, RI

by Justin Chapman on May 25, 2018

Providence is an awesome city to live in and to visit. Whether you’re moving to Providence or just planning a trip, here are five things you’ll definitely want to do:

• Visit the RISD Museum. RISD is one of the world’s top design schools and their five-building art museum makes for a fantastic outing in any weather.

• Eat at a restaurant in Federal Hill. This part of this city is like a trip back in time and is packed with incredible restaurants.

• Visit the Providence Children’s Museum. The interactive displays will both entertain and educate your children for hours.

• Visit Thayer Street. Thayer Street runs right through Brown University, has great restaurants and shopping, and gives you a chance to see the beautiful university architecture.

• Come to Aletheia Church! We’re a church for the city and a church for you and your family. If you’re moving to Providence, finding spiritual family is essential to helping Providence feeling like home.

For more information on visiting Aletheia, click here. We'll look forward to seeing you in Providence soon!

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