Dive Deeper Into "The War Within"

April 07, 2021

As we enter a new sermon series called "The War Within", we recognize that it might bring up some questions! The nature of the topic—how the unseen world impacts our inner lives and what we can do about it—is a bit unusual. But the worldview of the Bible allows us to see what we otherwise have a harder time perceiving.

So as we start, we've got a few resources suggested by Pastor Adam below in case you want to dig deeper.

This is also a great time to join a group if you haven't already. We've got some exciting ways for our groups to practice the skills to take on this series' topics—engaging our thoughts, emotions, etc in the fight at hand and we think it'll be awesome. If you want to join one, you can find a list at Aletheia.org/groups!

Beginning to See the Unseen

We believe we can win the war within, because Jesus has already been victorious on our behalf. We just need a little training on how to fight the good fight (1 Tim. 6:12). Hopefully you'll find these resources helpful.

  • "Spiritual Beings" by The Bible Project - This is a helpful set of six videos that begin to explain the nature of the unseen realm described in the Scriptures.

  • "Supernatural" by Michael Heiser - Heiser is a gifted Old Testament scholar who has done a lot of work in this area. This book is a helpful introduction, and expands upon the ideas of the video series above.

  • “The Unseen Realm,” by Michael Heiser - This the far larger version of the book above, with more detail and academic flavor.

  • Gerry Breshears, a professor of theology at Wester Seminary, has done a good amount of teaching and thinking on this topic. He has some very interesting resources at his website.

  • "Win Your War," by Mark and Grace Driscoll - This is a more practical book about how spiritual realities affect our lived experience, and how we can live in response.

For some, the newness of this topic will generate a lot of interest. For others, the strangeness of this topic may generate questions. But this topic is relevant for us all, because as our minds are shaped more and more by scripture, we’ll walk in greater victory in the war within.


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