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Let's Serve Together this Summer

Let's Serve Together this Summer

by Aletheia News & Events on June 11, 2018

Hey! We're so excited you want to help out with our upcoming work days at the YMCA!  God has blessed us with the Theater space and in turn, we're going to do some much needed work on it- blessing both our church and the YMCA! Sign up here!

There will be a wide array of tasks, from tearing down parts of the stage to repainting the walls to cleaning to setting up new a lighting system, spaced out over six works days in two weeks.  No matter your skill set, we'd love your help!  If you've got a background in construction or any particular skill set that could help, let us know!  If this isn't something you've done before but you'd still like to help, sign up for the general labor or cleaning crew and we'll assign you tasks day-of!  Please note: tasks may change on-site depending on volunteer numbers.

IMPORTANT INFO ABOUT DATES: the work will be spread out over several days. Those will be the evenings of June 12th, 13th, 19th, and 20th, and the mornings/days of June 16th and 23rd. Different days will have different tasks, so make sure you sign up for the right ones!

If you have them, bring any tools, cleaning supplies, vacuums, etc, to offset what we have.

We'll order pizza and get to work together.  We can't wait to see you!