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Prayer and Fasting, Fall 2018

Prayer and Fasting, Fall 2018

by Adam Mabry on August 28, 2018

Church, we're taking a moment to fast and pray, seeking God for the Fall. 

Each year, we come into the Autumn filled with excitement. Students are coming back, Summer is over, the church is growing, and there's change in the air. This year, however, we want something more. We want more than merely full gatherings and friendly faces. We want to see God move mightily in our midst. And that will only come if He sends His Spirit.

So, we're calling for a week of prayer, fasting, humility, repentance, and worship as we come before God and ask Him to move in our midst. And, you're invited to come with us. 

Our week of Prayer and Fasting will be held September 4-8. Each evening we'll be hosting church-wide prayer and worship at our Cambridge location from 6:30pm  - 8pm, and in our Providence Location from 6:30pm - 8pm. We would be thrilled if you joined us. Specifically, we're asking God for:

  • Blessing over our church — a fresh spirit of unity and love.
  • Forgiveness and mercy for sin and overlooked obedience.
  • Many to come to faith, and for the church to grow in and through discipleship.
  • Refreshment for our leaders and power for ministry.
  • An outpouring of miracles.
  • A renewed passion for Jesus Christ.

Family, I believe that our best days are ahead of us. I see new church plants, healed marriages, revival on our campuses, and renewal in our city. Join me and lay hold of these things by faith and through this week of prayer and fasting. 

Love you all, Love being your Pastor,

Pastor Adam

Download the Prayer and Fasting Guide

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