Resources For Families

August 01, 2022

With our new series entitled "Family Matters" starting this week, we wanted to have a few resources on hand to make sure you have access to help, education, and support in matters of parenting, and family in general.

Below, we've compiled some ideas that can serve as a starting place, but please reach out to our director of kids ministry, Lauryn Wymer ( ), if you have questions or need further assistance!

Overall Resource Hubs:

Each of these websites is a treasure trove of information, with links to books, podcasts, and blogs about many aspects of parenting and matters of family relationships. Whether you're looking for insights on caring for your children, on processing grief and loss of a family member, or generally approaching family in light of the gospel, each of these is a hub for helpful content.

Resources For Vulnerable Children & Families

Below are links to information and resources containing particular kinds of help for families and children in vulnerable situations.

Families & Children Impacted By Foster Care:

Aletheia works directly with Fostering Hope and other DCF partner organizations in New England to serve and support local families and children impacted by foster care. To learn more about fostering or serving the fostering community, reach out to Lydia Albano ( ).

Support, Questions, & Help For Facing An Unplanned Pregnancy*

Persevering Through Difficulties

Below are a handful of websites with specifically helpful resources for specific troubles that you might encounter on your parenting journey, in addition to The Gospel Coalition and Focus On The Family (listed above).

Marriage Support
Infertility & Child Loss*
Support For Single Parents
Support & Care Through Divorce


*We recognize that some of these topics may carry more stigma than others, or may call for specific kinds of support. No matter what difficult situation you find yourself facing, whether that's unplanned pregnancy, divorce, the loss of a child or loved one, or something not mentioned on the list above, we are here for you and it would be our joy to love you and help you discover what options are available to you for support. Please reach out to Lauryn Wymer ( ) to be connected to whatever resources and care are needed.

In the meantime, if you would be helped by professional mental health care, our page for mental health resources is a great place to start. Additionally, if you find yourself in a difficult situation and are in need of financial or other means of assistance, you can let us know by submitting a request to our benevolence support system here.




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