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5 Things You MUST Do in Cambridge, MA

5 Things You MUST Do in Cambridge, MA

by Adam Mabry on May 15, 2018

People are moving in and out of Cambridge all the time. Home to great schools, a diverse community, and some of the best tech and pharma companies in the world, it's a buzz with innovation. So, whether you're moving to Cambridge or just visiting, here are five things you need to do.

  1. Take a walking tour Harvard. Usually run by students, it's a great way to see America's oldest university. 
  2. Eat at Mr. Bartley's Burgers. It's just one of the best burgers you'll have after that tour. But bring cash, because no cards are accepted.
  3. Walk the Campus of MIT. It's a great contrast to Harvard, and where all the tech smart folks congregate. 
  4. Visit the MIT Museum. There you'll see the history of campus innovation. It's pretty amazing. 
  5. Come to Aletheia Church! We're a church for the city, and you should definitely visit. Especially if you're moving to Cambridge, finding spiritual family is critical in what can be a lonely place.

For more information on visiting Aletheia, click here. We'll look forward to seeing you in Boston soon! 

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